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Welcome to The University Materials Council Web Site

The University Materials Council (UMC) is composed of Department Heads, Chairpersons, Directors, and group leaders from academic programs in the materials field in U.S. and Canadian universities. The Council meets twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. It serves as a forum for department heads/chairs/directors of materials programs to share best practices in areas such as student recruitment, and discuss issues such as ABET accreditation, emerging research areas, ideas for curricular improvements, patent right policies in universities, implications of the latest materials related studies, and the health of research funding for Materials Science and Engineering as well as a variety of other issues of interest to the academic community.

Career Opportunities: Two tenure-track faculty positions available in Materials Science and Engineering. More

The University Materials Council held an NSF-sponsored Workshop on Gender Equity in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland Conference Center, May 18-20, 2008. Read the final report.


UMC's Primary Goals

UMC conducts surveys to benchmark enrollments, degrees awarded, faculty salaries, research funding, and graduate student stipends and holds discussions at its meetings regarding the latest trends gleaned from the surveys. The Council also maintains liaison with prominent materials societies and with bodies such as the National Materials Advisory Board (NMAB) and the Federation of Materials Societies (FMS). The primary goals of the Council are:

  • To help define and influence new directions for the field
  • To promote the field
  • To strengthen the educational component of the field
  • To foster improvements in numbers and quality of students in the field
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